The GBIF mentoring programme

This programme brings together GBIF Participant nodes with complementary skills and needs to share their experiences and expertise through partnerships and node-to-node interactions. It enables personalized transfer of information, technologies, experiences, best practices and know-how between nodes.

A typical mentoring proposal is a collaboration between two or more nodes, in which a recipient node requests technical assistance and guidance from one or more nodes with greater experience, which act as mentors in areas that are strategically important for the development of the mentored node.

Initiated in 2003, the programme is designed as a vehicle to speed up the establishment of biodiversity information facilities at the Participant level and is funded by small grants allocated from the GBIF core funding. The GBIF Secretariat issues annual calls (typically at the end of the year) to which interested nodes can apply. All information is distributed through the Participant nodes mailing lists.

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Approved mentoring projects

All projects approved under the GBIF mentoring programme are listed below. You can read about some of the activities and outcomes in the project reports to the right.


Year Mentor node(s) Mentored node(s)
2004 GBIF Costa Rica (INBio) GBIF Argentina
GBIF Nicaragua
GBIF Denmark (DanBIF) GBIF Ghana (GhaBIF)
2005 GBIFAustralia (ABIF) GBIF Pakistan
GBIF Costa Rica (INBio) GBIF Peru
GBIF Spain GBIF Portugal
2007 GBIF Colombia (SIB)
UC Berkeley (USA)
GBIF Argentina
GBIF Spain
GBIF Netherlands (NLBIF)
GBIF Colombia (SIB)
2009 GBIF Colombia (SIB)
GBIF Spain
GBIF Costa Rica (INBio)
GBIF Belgium (BeBIF) GBIF Mauritania
2010 GBIF Australia (ALA) GBIF India (WII)
GBIF France GBIF Togo
GBIF Finland GBIF Kenya (KenBIF)
2011 GBIF Netherlands (NLBIF) GBIF Ghana (GhaBIF)
GBIF France
GBIF Cameroon (CamBIF)
GBIF Centrafrique
ETI Bioinformatics (The Netherlands) Uganda (UgaBIF)
GBIF Costa Rica (INBio) GBIF Chile
2012 GBIF Japan GBIF Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of Sciences, LIPI)
GBIF Australia (Atlas of Living Australia) GBIF Costa Rica (INBio)
GBIF South Africa (South African Biodiversity Information Facility) ICLEI Local Action on Biodiversity centre
2013 GBIF Colombia GBIF Brazil
GBIF Belgium GBIF Mauritania
GBIF France
GBIF Portugal
GBIF Spain
GBIF France
GBIF Portugal
GBIF Spain