Capacity enhancement in GBIF

To help fulfil GBIF's vision, its Participants and the Secretariat have developed a range of activities and programmes to enhance the capacity of those working towards the common goal, a world in which biodiversity information is freely and universally available for science, society and a sustainable future.

Capacity enhancement empowers all members of the GBIF community to carry out their work in the most effective, self-sustained and stable way possible. It includes improving the way Participants can contribute to and benefit from GBIF, how they organize their work and how they relate to other Participants at regional and global scales.

The major elements of capacity enhancement within GBIF include:

  • The GBIF capacity enhancement framework, which explains the overall approach taken by the GBIF network in this area.
  • A capacity enhancement support programme, which provides GBIF Participants with co-funding to address self-identified capacity needs through collaborative regional and international projects.
  • Regional collaboration that supports Participants within the six GBIF regions to develop priorities and projects of mutual interest.
  • Training through courses, workshops and extensive documentation in different languages.
  • Current projects that receive financial support from the GBIF Secretariat.
  • Past projects financed via earlier programmes that have now been integrated into the capacity enhancement programme.