Earlier capacity enhancement work

GBIF has provided support to capacity enhancement efforts across the community since its establishment. A review of past capacity enhancement activities was carried out in 2015, giving details on previous mentoring and regional training projects and identifying recommendations for future programmes. The capacity enhancement support programme brought together several earlier programmes to enable Participants to develop more integrated projects.

Mentoring actions across the GBIF Community

From 2003 to 2014, mentoring projects were supported under a specific mentoring programme funded by small grants allocated from the GBIF core funding. In 2014, a more integrated approach was adopted resulting in mentoring being one of the supported actions under the GBIF capacity enhancement support programme. More information about the GBIF mentoring programme is available in the review of past capacity enhancement activities.

Regional training support

Since 2008 GBIF has promoted the regionalization of training activities organized by its network, encouraging its Participants to collaborate in the organization of joint activities and to open up training initiatives to regional partners and collaborators.

From 2014, regional training support has been integrated in the GBIF capacity enhancement support programme as one of the supported types of action. More information about the projects funded through the GBIF regional training support programme is available in the review of past capacity enhancement activities.

Other opportunities

GBIF regularly offers other opportunities to Participants linked to activities included in its annual work programmes, such as the calls to support the production of data papers (2013), the publishing of national and thematic checklists (2010-2011) or the completion of metadata (2009).

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